L°Schiemann Fotografie

Laura Schiemann

„To make a long story short“:

After I finished my school carrier, I decided for a creative education in photography. I studied for 3 years people photography.

Later on, I felt to discover the world, meet new cultures and to get out of the box. So, I made the decision to combine my study’s Sustainable tourism, with this adventure. I had the chance to travel for different travel agencies – to take pictures around the world. Mostly I travelled in development countries like Bolivia, Bangladesh, Peru, India… to find local partners. All these travels had the goals to build a network in sustainability.

Around my studies I found myself getting attached from yoga and mindfulness work. I began to follow classes and got educated as a Yoga teacher (Kasmir Shiavism School of Yoga). Did Sound healing trainings and learned different kind of Massage techniques (Sunshine house Greek).

Now I´m based on the island Corfu in Greece. In the summer I offer photo shootings, yoga retreats and working with relaxation of body, mind and soul. The winter gives me some time for new inspiration, to develop my skills and offer workshops in Germany.